Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 2017 Offerings

Hello friends of Nothing Wasted!

Because it is hard to keep up with taking things up and down off this website and keeping track of which items have been sold, I am going to post photos of examples of what I am making and then if you have particular colors or patterns in mind, I can special make them for you or you can choose in a private conversation.

I have not sold a lot beyond my lovely local friends, but do plan on putting together enough stock to be able to attend a few craft fairs this year to raise money.

We have raised nearly $300.00 for charity so far and I am pretty excited about that since it has only been a few months. Here are the newer items I have been working on:

Yoga Mat Bags $20.00
(these are personal ones and not for sale)

Reversible Headbands $3.00 each

Bun-Buns $8.00 each
(can come with button eyes or without depending on age of child)

Eyeglass cases $6.00 each

Contact me if you have questions or want something in a particular color or type of pattern. Please do check the previous months offerings for items that are being made continually. Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 2017 Offerings

Hello! There were no postings for December because I was busy filling special orders and everything I made otherwise was sold. I do have a few things to offer this month with more items on the way. The same rules apply as before. If you are interested in an item, send me an email with the item and the charity you want to donate to. You can find all the detail in "How it Works".

Side Bags $8.00 each

Feather in my cap

C3PO in da house

Steelers Potholders $12.00/pair (SOLD)

Adventure Time Potholders $12.00/pair

Directions Potholders $12.00/pair

Momo (monsters that listen to your secrets, but never tell. they keep it all in their heart)
$8.00 each and all donations go to Angleman's Syndrome  Foundation

C3PO Placemat $4.00 (SOLD)

Quilted Eyeglass Case (SOLD)
(this one is a demo only and more are in process)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 2016 Offerings

Placemat $4.00 each
Express your personal style every time you eat. Each placemat has a reverse side for the subdued version of yourself.

18 x 14 Autumn Flowers

18 x 14 Fruitful (SOLD)

18 x 14 Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

18 x 14 Bold Flowers

18 x 14 Irises

18 x 14 In the Garden

18 x 14 Crazy Daisies

18 x 14 Feather in my Cap

18 x 14 Zig Zag Crazy

Waist Aprons $20 each

Flags for Friends (SOLD)

A Touch of Paris

Table Centers $5-$25

10 x 10 Purple Passion $5

23 x 12 Falling S's $25

23 x 12 Is That Stonehenge? $25

Mug Rugs $5.00 each

Mug Rugs are a fanciful treat for your coffee cup and a plate with a scrumptious goody. Think over-sized coaster

Cherry Delight

All Over the Place

Orange Surprise

Cupcake to Start

Side Bags $8.00 each

These little bags are perfect for a grab and go moment. I designed them when we needed something to go geocaching with. They hold a phone, tiny wallet, and keys. They also fit most size of water bottle. Express yourself!

Adventure Time Fun

Sugar Skulls (SOLD)

Purple Waves (SOLD)


Chapstick Key Fobs $2.50 each and Fabric Bookmarks $2.00 each

Chapstick key fobs hold your favorite gloss right on your key chain or purse hook...never dig in the bottom of the purse again!

Fabric bookmarks a whimsical page savers with a bit of cardboard in the middle for strength. When your cardboard gets too flimsy you can replace it.

Just tell me which one in which row

Quick Notes 6 x 3 (18 pages) $3.00 each

These fit in your pocket!

Journals 8.75 x 5.75 (16 pages) $5.00

Put all your hopes and dreams down on paper

Trees and Circus Stamps

Gold Swirls (SOLD) and Crazy Flowers

Small Flowers and Birds (SOLD)

Repeat and Waves

Corsets (SOLD) and Aged Wallpaper

Coasters 4.5 x 5.5 $2.00 each

Crocheted Hats $6.00

Welcome to Nothing Wasted

Welcome to Nothing Wasted where I make things, you buy them, and donations to charity are made!!

Please be sure to check the "How It Works" tab for the steps for ordering. Under each photo of an item will be a name and a price. Be sure to include the name of what you want in your order so I know what to send and what to remove from the website. Most items are a one of kind combo of fabrics!

As new items get made, there will be new posts. This year's charities are The Chemung  County SPCA, Angelman Syndrome Foundation, Vitamin Angels, The Dalai Lama Trust, Mike Rowe Works Foundation, and Fisher House Foundation. You can find more information on these charities under the tabs with our names on them.

This fundraising for these charities will go from now until next Thanksgiving when our donations will be made and new charities get picked out. Please stop by often to see new items and support these great charities. Most items are under $25 so they make great gifts and brighten up your home for a small fee. The more I sew, the more I learn.

Thank you for helping our family help other families in the world. It means more than you can know.

Aleathia, Michael, and Chloe