Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is an organization that works to help people with little to no access to healthcare in the world. In many cases simple doses of vitamins can mean a world of difference to the growth and well being of children and mothers. Malnutrition is one of the leading demises of children in the world. Vitamin Angels provides support to 48 million children in the world in 50 countries. Walgreens is a corporate sponsor of this program and have a list of vitamins and supplements that will send a donation to Vitamin Angels with every purchase.

This is a 4 star rated charity on Charity Navigator.

Dalai Lama Trust

The Dalai Lama Trust is a foundation that helps to support the welfare and advancement of the Tibetan people including education programs and health programs. This trust also works to help under-served people and areas of the world from all faiths and origins. The trustees of this program work for free, so your donation is well spent. On their Grants page you can view their past charitable funds and organizations.

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