Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 2017 Offerings

Hello friends of Nothing Wasted!

Because it is hard to keep up with taking things up and down off this website and keeping track of which items have been sold, I am going to post photos of examples of what I am making and then if you have particular colors or patterns in mind, I can special make them for you or you can choose in a private conversation.

I have not sold a lot beyond my lovely local friends, but do plan on putting together enough stock to be able to attend a few craft fairs this year to raise money.

We have raised nearly $300.00 for charity so far and I am pretty excited about that since it has only been a few months. Here are the newer items I have been working on:

Yoga Mat Bags $20.00
(these are personal ones and not for sale)

Reversible Headbands $3.00 each

Bun-Buns $8.00 each
(can come with button eyes or without depending on age of child)

Eyeglass cases $6.00 each

Contact me if you have questions or want something in a particular color or type of pattern. Please do check the previous months offerings for items that are being made continually. Thank you for your support!


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