Several years ago I was inspired to start participating in charitable events by my daughter. She had been part of Relay for Life which is put on by the American Cancer Society. I was moved to make a team for our Emergency Room and we also participated in the last two events walking and raising money.

Over the summer the organization had some restructuring and the event itself was difficult to find time and people to help, so I had been looking for an alternative outlet for charity.

This year, as a family, we decided to talk about making changes. We wanted to get back to a more giving state especially around the holidays. We are forgoing the super consumption of Christmas and have decided that we would pick different charities every year and sell the items I sew or craft to donate as well as save all our bottle returns for a year. This way we think about the good we can do every day instead of just making one donation, once a year. It keeps us in a giving mind frame.

The name Nothing Wasted came from a co-worker who noticed that some of my crazier items have every last usable scrap of fabric. I don't like to waste fabric so there will be items with a great mixture of fabrics and dolls stuffed with actual rags or stuffed with balled up threads. I also use reclaimed fabrics when possible by deconstructing used dresses and skirts.

We hope you will join us on this journey to give back. Thank you for reading.

Aleathia, Michael, and Chloe

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