Fisher House Foundation

The Fisher House Foundation is a network of comfortable homes where military and veteran's families can stay at no cost while their loved one is receiving medical treatment. These homes are located near major military and VA medical centers. Each house has up to 21 suites with private rooms and bathrooms for use as well as communal areas for relaxing and cooking.

Since the inception of Fisher House Foundation they have saved veterans over $321 million dollars in out of pocket expenses.

In their foundation they also have a Heros Miles program where you can donate your frequent flyer miles to help their travel expenses and a Hotels for Heros program that will put them up in hotels if a house is not available. They provide educational scholarships to children and spouses of fallen or disabled veterans.

Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation

We have all watched Dirty Jobs a time or two. We have watched Mike Rowe get dirty and think "how can he do that?" Well, there are tons of people who do the jobs that we have no skill or desire to do. Mike Rowe Works Foundation helps to support a different kind of education for the population. He is interested in giving scholarships to people to learn trades and technical skills. He is supporting the plumbers, carpenters, HVAC, mechanics, and welders of the future. These are skills that are used in every place in the world and the numbers of people left in the jobs is dwindling. You can help build people up again doing the jobs you don't want to do.

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